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We don't get the chance to see our loved ones as frequently as we'd like nowadays. When you can't give them a hug, send them a CarePax. Let them know you're there for them and that you care for them. 

My Chemo Cocktail & Me
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It's the little things that can sometimes make all the difference in the world. Whether it's a virtual hug or a story of hope, we're here to be your trusted support group whenever you need us. Join our community now to feel comforted and stay connected!

You're Not Alone. We're Here for You!


A Love Letter From Lucy

You and I may never meet, but that changes nothing. Whether we ever get to know each other or not, cancer and its related chemo treatments have brought all of us together with one ultimate goal: strength for today that leads to hope for tomorrow! With our gifts for cancer patients, CarePax & Co. is glad to be an anchor for you throughout the storms in life. We’re here to provide an unshakeable source of stability, comfort, and even fun to you: our sisters in the struggle against cancer.

Both of our gifts for cancer patients My Chemo Cocktail & Me™ and the Got Your Back Pax™ were created to help you or your loved one navigate through the cancer journey and move on to pursue your true passions in life. So let’s stop looking back and start moving forward to a better day!

Love, Care & Chemo Cocktails,

Lucy Gross Bedgood, Co-Founder & Co-Author

Lucy Bedgood


The day she received her pax, it was not a good day. But when she opened the package and started to digest what was in it, she was able to shift her perspective, feel comfort and regain peace with the ability to organize the chaos.


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