Before the passing of Co-Founder Sharon Baldwin Crews, she and Lucy hosted a weekly podcast to build a community and show support for cancer survivors around the world. Sharon and Lucy, known as The Chemo Girls, shared their stories, provided insights into cancer treatment, showcased gifts for cancer patients and extended a life-line to those affected by a fresh cancer diagnosis. The Cancer Survivor Show’s format allowed its listeners to suggest topics, ask questions, and comment on upcoming shows. Whether you were the cancer patient or a loved one who shared in a treatment journey, the dhow helped others find empowerment and strength through the stories of others told by The Chemo Girls.


While the podcast has been put on pause for the time being, the existing episodes are still a great source. Listen back as The Chemo Girls speak of relevant topics and interview health care providers and other cancer survivors.

We look forward to continuing with our podcast in the future and would love to share your personal journey with others! It's important that we build a network to ensure that no one is alone in this. If you're interested in telling your story or honoring a loved one by telling theirs, please reach out to us. 

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