Love Letter: What Can We Do For Her?

Thanksgiving is already upon us. Yes, October has come and gone and the pink has been put away. All the events and fund raisers and festivities have been put rest. The world was transformed into an array of pink and tiny little pink ribbons.

But what happens now for the other 334 Days of the Year?

As wonderful as it is to celebrate breast cancer awareness during the month of October, the reality is that on an average 641 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each and every day! Don’t get me wrong…I love October and all the festivities that go with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Bringing awareness to the growing needs of the breast cancer world is an imperative step towards eventually finding a cure and supporting those whose lives are affected in some way with breast cancer.

But…what can we do for “Her”?

She is the woman who is entering a clinic door for her first chemo session. This happens each and every day. She is in every country, every state, and every city and she is scared and feels alone. If you follow what we do at Care Pax & Co., you will know we try to get into the hands of as many women as possible our Got Your Back Pax – all the things we know she needs for that first appointment and then throughout her journey to provide her comfort, peace and a system of organization. We ship gifts on a 1-on-1 basis nationwide, but we also team up with community members to bring our paxs to their areas as a whole-community effort. If you would like to organize a community-based effort where you live, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than glad to assist you in getting that underway.

The pink is gone, but let’s all remember that there are women in need every day of every year.

Happy Thanksgiving. Joining you, my friend, in being the support to others.


PS - we've started a GoFundMe in effort to keep our mission going:

Any amount helps us out significantly. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

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