In our cancer care package, we always include cancer patient gifts such as the softest, most soothing blanket possible, remedies to help reduce the nasty taste of chemo medicine, and much more chemotherapy support in every cancer care package. Let’s face it: no one wants to just sit and suffer during a chemo session, which is why the Got Your Back Pax cancer care package provides a number of distractions meant to combat the anxiety that often raises its ugly head during chemotherapy.


Plus, CarePax & Co.’s vision is that each BackPax cancer care package will be handed down from one chemo patient to another through our Traveling Pax Program - creating a source of comfort and strength through mentoring, cancer patient gifts and a one-on-one bond. Our company was born from the Pay it Forward notion, and we hope to encourage this mindset as we impact the cancer community by multiplying the impact of each and every BackPax.


Most importantly, we add in a copy of one of our books about cancer My Chemo Cocktail & Me™…Bringing Peace, Joy, and Purpose to a Twisted Adventure to every BackPax. This acclaimed women’s guide to effective life management during cancer treatment is a source of comfort, experience, and facts that help female cancer patients through their journey from beginning to end.


Chemo Care BackPax+ Book Bundle