Read the opinions of those who have received our Care Pax and get a better understanding of its significant impact on the lives of those who need it most.


Support is one thing, but being able to relate to others who offer their support is a whole other feeling. Enter the comfort zone of our online community full of survivors and thrivers.


When our thoughts get to racing, we write. Read the stories, challenges, laughter and heartbreak we've experienced along our journey.

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It was important for us to create a platform for storytelling; to use our voices for greater good. Listen as we tell the inspiring stories of others and talk all things chemo, cancer and cocktails.


Imagining being in a certain environment or situation can activate the senses, producing a physical or psychological effect. We are excited to provide you this exclusive series of sounds!


Laugh and cry along to the stories we tell about courage, hope and happy endings of others throughout their chemotherapy journey.