After receiving a Got Your BackPax and My Chemo Cocktail & Me guide book as a gift from a friend, breast cancer patient Kathy stated, “Now I am ready emotionally and physically to start chemo.”

Kathy from Rock Hill, South Carolina
Chemo Patient – Breast Cancer Diagnosis


“I was the sole caregiver for my loving wife and Soul Mate who fought cancer for fourteen years (a labor of love for me). She kept meticulous written notes scattered throughout several notebooks and pads for the many medical appointments and her medication schedule. Additionally, she kept track of her reactions to the many drugs prescribed by different doctors and had notes regarding her restrictive dietary needs. I unequivocally endorse My Chemo Cocktail & Me because it would have been a valuable asset to me and my wife, especially during the last few months that I coordinated all of her health needs since she couldn’t manage such tasks herself.”

Bob from Florida


“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 20, 2013, so many emotions went through my mind. The main emotion being fear…fear of the unknown. As I began to accept my diagnosis, I reached out to other women who had “been there, done that.” I had wonderful support from family and friends, but they didn’t truly understand what I was going through. My fellow sisters, who had been down this path before me, were where I found my strength. This was how I found out about Sharon and Lucy and their book and backpax. Receiving my backpax and all the useful things inside, gives me confidence and reassurance as I begin this unknown and scary journey, chemo…..even if it will be on my 35th birthday!! I look forward to completing my journey and paying it forward, just as Sharon and Lucy have done!!”

Shannon from Waycross, Georgia
Chemo Patient – Breast Cancer Diagnosis


“During the early days of my cancer diagnosis I struggled trying to figure out how I was going to deal with the new path my life was taking. This path was filled with doctors, tests, appointments and more information than I could possibly digest. How was I ever going to deal with all of these things while taking care of my family and working full time? After I received the book My Chemo Cocktail & Me, so many of my questions were answered; many aspects of my life were then organized and the inspiring words from Lucy and Sharon gave me hope and strength to face each new day. As I left for each chemo treatment, I grabbed my Got Your Back Pax and smiled as I knew it is filled with goodies to keep me comfortable during my treatments. Ladies, you were rays of sunshine during many dark days and I am truly blessed to have had you with me on this journey! Thank You!!”

Sharon from Kingsland, Georgia
Chemo Patient – Breast Cancer Diagnosis


The day she received her pax, it was not a good day. But when she opened the package and started to digest what was in it, she was able to shift her perspective, feel comfort and regain peace with the ability to organize the chaos.”

Anonymous Quote by the gifter of the pax to a friend.


“After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, I began a journey that no one could face alone.  Upon arriving for my first chemotherapy treatment as I was waiting in my room, one of the dear nurses came into my room and handed me the most precious pink bag.  The bag contained several items for me to use to help with the side effects of the chemotherapy treatments.  Most meaningful in the bag was a precious note from a Sister in Christ named Sharon who had defeated breast cancer.  The note contained many words of encouragement and support for me as I began my journey.  I carried the pink bag for several months to remind me of the encouragement and support that I had been given.  Several months later, the Lord gave me the opportunity to pass the bag down to my dear friend Michelle who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  The bag brought such a smile to her face and encouragement to her heart.”

Amy from Waycross, Georgia
Chemo Patient – Breast Cancer Diagnosis


“She read My Chemo Cocktail & Me from cover to cover and said it was one of the BEST books about the “What to expect” that she had seen. As a clinical nurse she knows all knowledge is helpful…and she read the book in a day!”



“I got your back pax and chemo cocktail book today and they are wonderful. They gave me a big lift! I am going to settle in with the book. Wow…even an MP3 player! So much thought clearly went into this. Thank you so much for the card, too. It was amazing to me how powerful it was to hold that hand-written card and know I was not alone. My chemo starts May 31st, a little later than I thought, but I am glad for the time to heal. I will be bringing you and Sharon with me when I go. Thank you both VERY MUCH!”

Judy – Massachusetts
Chemo Patient – Breast Cancer Diagnosis


One woman told her friend that she received her pax several weeks before beginning chemo and that every time she become anxious about it she would pull the pax out, hug it, and it would she would feel much calmer.