Experiencing chemotherapy for the first time can be intimidating and isolating. You may be surrounded by the most loving and supportive people in the world, but no one can truly understand what you're feeling right now unless they've experienced it themselves. And although we're not physical sitting in that chair with you right now, we're the ones who kept it warm for you and we're the ones who will keep it warm after you. Welcome, are now a member of The PaxWhen you're ready, put your headset on and press play below. Listen along as we guide you through this journey, introduce you to the Got Your Backpax Support System and offer you some reassurance in the fact that you're not alone.




Guided imagery can quickly calm your body and simultaneously relax your mind. It's pleasant to practice, and not overly difficult or intimidating to learn. And it can help you to de-stress in minutes, but can also be a useful strategy for maintaining resilience toward stress during difficult times. Guided image therapy can also temporarily increase numbers of immune system cells to keep the rest of your body healthy.

Are you in need of something like this in your life right now? If so, put your headset on and press play. It's okay to close your eyes, we're with you every step of the way!